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  • Little Thunder× Sake

    Tsukimi with Little Thunder


    Under a single moon, a cup is exchanged to visit olden times.

    Tonight, under a single moon, Japan and Hong Kong will share a cup.
    Its delicate and complex taste shakes our hearts and takes us back to the original landscape of a faraway day.


    2021 Autumn version to be released simultaneously in Japan and Hong Kong

    Limited to 600 bottles worldwide

    Original drawing by Little Thunder
    SNS ... #Tsukimi Little Thunder, #Little Thunder in Hong Kong, #TsukimiHK

      Tsukimi with Little Thunder

      720ml, 16% alcohol by volume
      Includes gift box

      With the full cooperation of Maruishi Jozo, a popular sake brewery, a delicate and complex Junmai Daiginjo was created using Omachi rice.

      Ingredients Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
      Junmai Daiginjo using 100% Omachi rice
      Stores NEWxNEW Online shop
      Illustration Little Thunder
      Manufacturer Maruishi Jozo Co., Ltd. (Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture)
      Planning <Japan x Hong Kong Joint Project>
      Japan NEW × NEW Project
      Hong Kong MUGIGAWA
    • オンラインストア


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