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  • Ghost in the Shell× Shochu

    SHOCHU_2045 — Shochu of the Future —


    Two types of shochu based on the theme of "Shochu of the Future”

    Two untested types of shochu, and two creators who pushed for them.


    Untested taro shochu and little-known sake lees shochu.

    A visual masterpiece drawn by two genius illustrators.

    Ilya Kuvshinov Character designer for Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045

    omao Mysterious young illustrator who attracts worldwide attention on social media

    A stunning visual drawn by two genius illustrators.
    Singling out an untested shochu.
    A custom-made metallic bottle expressing the future.
    Welcome to the unknown SHOCHU.

      SHOCHU_2045 Shochu made from sake lees motoko version

      720ml, 25% alcohol by volume

      A new-age shochu made with sake lees by a sake brewery. A different dimension of fruity sensation with the potential of rice. Here is the ultimate shochu, mixed with carbonated water.

      Ingredients Ginjo sakelees (manufactured in Japan)
      Sold at NEW × NEW Online Store
      Illustration Ilya Kuvshinov
      Manufacturer Tenzan Shuzo Co., Ltd. (Ogi City, Saga Prefecture)
      Copyright GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045

      SHOCHU_2045 Shochu made from taro root tachikoma version

      720ml, 28% alcohol by volume

      In Kuma, Kumamoto, the sacred land of rice shochu, more than 100 years of rice shochu making techniques have paved the way for taro shochu. You can drink it with water or carbonated water. There is a shochu you have never experienced before.

      Ingredients Satsuma sweet potato (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)
      Sold at NEW × NEW Online Store
      Illustration omao
      Manufacturer Tsunematsu Shuzo Honten Co., Ltd. (Taragi-machi, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture)
      Copyright GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045
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