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    Attack on Titan

    Japanese Sake× Anime  Attack on Titan

    The new age of Japanese sake has evolved greatly in recent years. And then there's the legendary anime work that represents the modern age, “Attack on Titan.” Two completely different cultures. Two completely different communities. If we could fuse them together, we might be able to create new value.
    It was an adventure, and a responsible project that took on two different cultures and communities.
    The sake was produced by Kikunosato Shuzo, a brewery that brews sake for a new age.
    More than 100 anime materials were used in this project, and several designers who are enthusiasts of "Attack on Titan" were brought together and spent more than five months on the design.

      Daina—Beyond the Wall, Eren Model

      720ml Junmai Ginjo (Gohyakumangoku)

      The taste is pure and straightforward, like Eren’s heart. Sharp and crisp.

      Stores [Daina] dealershipNEWxNEW Online shop
      Release 2020/11/16
      Manufacturer Kikunosato Shuzo Co.,Ltd
      Planning NEW × NEW/Jem Industries Corp.

      Daina—Beyond the Wall, Mikasa Model

      720ml Junmai Ginjo (Yume-Sasara)

      A gentle taste like Mikasa, who keeps protecting Eren. Refreshing melon-like sweetness.

      Stores [Daina] dealershipNEWxNEW Online shop
      Release 2020/12/21

      Daina—Beyond the Wall, Levi Model

      720ml Junmai Ginjo (Yamadanishiki)

      Levi, the "strongest of the human race," has the rich taste of Yamadanishiki rice, the king of sake rice.

      Stores [Daina] dealershipNEWxNEW Online shop
      Release 2021/2/22

      Dina—Beyond the Wall, Titan Model

      720ml Junmai Ginjo (Yamadanishiki) Low Alcohol

      Like the titans, it is rich in character and delivers a variety of lingering flavors.

      Stores NEWxNEW Online shop only
      Release 2021/4/27

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    “Attack on Titan” x SAKE



    NEW x NEW is a new project team established in May 2020 by Jem Industries Corp. Our purpose is to create a new value from two cultures: alcohol culture x anime (manga) culture. In November 2020 we released a new sake brand in collaboration with Attack on Titan with the theme “Beyond the Wall". People worldwide are facing a wall of COVID19 in 2020 and we hope that these items will give courage to the fans of Attack on Titan across the globe as they enjoy this sake in their homes. Four Japanese designers and enthusiasts of Attack on Titan collaborated on this project and have created this set over five months. In total, more than 100 animation scenes have been incorporated into the design and you can enjoy the story of these three characters, Eren, Mikasa and Levi. The ingredients and the taste are also unique. The first character is Eren, brewed with Gohyakumangoku rice; the second is Mikasa, using Yumesasara; the third is Levi, using Yamada Nishiki; the fourth is a special release Titan Model edition also using Yamada Nishiki but with a lower abv. These Sake are produced by Kikunosato Brewery in Tochigi, Japan, known by the brand name Daina (Dina).

    Distributors Worldwide

    If you are an importer or wholesaler of alcoholic beverages and wish to be the official distributor of "Attack on Titan" sake for your region, please contact us.

    Taiwan (from JAN. 2021) 玖侍国際貿易 website (facebook)
    Hong Kong (from end JAN. 2021) city'super website (store info.)
    Australia (from SUMMER 2021) Real McCoy Whisky Merchants Pty. Ltd.
    TEL: (AUS) 1300-944-759
    France (from SUMMER 2021) Will be announced soon


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